St. Mary's Hospital Center

St. Mary’s Hospital Center (SMHC) is one of Montreal’s leading research and patient-care facilities with a proud heritage of serving its multi-cultural community for over 90 years. In 2010, The SMHC brand was in need of rejuvenation in order to effectively communicate the hospital’s world-class professionalism, quality care, research studies and commitment to its diverse community. Given the hospital’s level of involvement in its community and how important public relations are to the facility; SMHC needed complete control over its website features, content and targeted communications.
SMHC holds regular board meetings throughout the year that demand centralized access to dozens of audience-specific documents. In 2011, SMHC recognized the need for a secure, bilingual electronic environment in which sensitive documents could be made available only to the appropriate SMHC board and committee members and vice presidents-concerned.