Veritiv Canada

Now on their third generation website, Veritiv looks to HTC’s innovation to continually optimize their online sales, with phased and gradual improvements to reduce their costs. This approach has maximized the functionality of their application, and improved the impact on their bottom line.

The original website positioned the company as an e-commerce leader in the supply industry and served as the basis for the structure and branding of the American site. Veritiv has become an essential part of their customers' daily lives with increased communication and services, and decreased distribution and sales costs. The latest version of Veritiv and its sister site (FORDIS) continue the company’s long string of successful Web applications developed by HTC.

The Veritiv-branded version of the e-commerce application is the leanest, most powerful version of the website yet. The user interface has been optimized to focus on and facilitate purchases and invoice payments through unprecedented usability improvements. The underpinning infrastructure and technologies have been upgraded to improve upon today’s stringent e-commerce standards and best practices while facilitating procurement system integration. sets the bar for B2B e-commerce with best-of-breed functionality, flexibility and search technology.