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With over $1,000,000,000 of e-commerce transactions flowing through our platform, our Usability + Technology formula is a proven winner.
Since building one of the nation’s first e-commerce websites in 1996, HTC's clients have collectively transacted over one billion dollars online. They’ve also exceeded sales objectives, cut costs and become more profitable.
Our experience and expertise in e-commerce is deep and proven. We deliver elegant, enduring and easy-to-use e-commerce solutions that enable businesses to profitably inform, promote and transact online.


Companies trading with other businesses are increasingly reaping the rewards of e-commerce. The most successful manufacturers, distributors and resellers are leveraging the power of the internet to:
  • Serve a large number of smaller customers with self-service options
  • Offer a rich, personalized, intuitive, retail-like online experience
  • Sell more products more often by up-selling, cross-selling and offering relevant items
  • Reduce the costs of serving customers and filling orders by automating processes
  • Provide buyers with real-time information such as order status, inventory availability and more
  • Communicate better with customers through personalized, targeted promotions
  • Differentiate customer service and reliability by eliminating order errors and delivering faster
  • Encourage loyalty, strengthen relationships and deliver superior service
  • Innovate business models to expand distribution to new customers and markets
  • Achieve a real return on investment and profitability through operational efficiencies

We work hard to deliver the easiest customer experience and the best value-added features for your trading partners. By automating much of the purchase and fulfillment process, we help to create remarkable operational efficiencies that directly impact your business and profitability. We offer:
  • System Architecture: expert e-commerce analysis, planning & consulting services
  • Platform Development: unparalleled programming & project management services
  • Third Party Integration: seamless integration of ERP, payment processing, and other systems
  • Internet Marketing Software: robust and powerful web marketing tools to help you sell online
  • Online Marketing Services: SEO, E-mail Marketing, campaign development and more

HTC has the experience, expertise and talent to execute any successful e-commerce strategy. To learn more about how e-commerce can benefit your business, contact Tom Kouri at (514) 739-2461 x201.
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