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Integrated IgnitionWeb for B2B. Modified Magento for B2C. HTC has the strategic and development expertise to build outstanding E-Commerce solutions. Whether it's a large scale, highly customized and integrated B2B ordering system or a standardized, yet comprehensive B2C shopping experience, HTC has the knowledge, skills and technology to get you more for your money.

Large, online B2B ordering applications require extensive integration with internal databases and legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In order for applications to exchange information about product catalogues, inventories and customer-specific pricing in real-time, solutions must be meticulously planned, fully customized, and expertly integrated. HTC's proprietary IgnitionWeb software is the E-Commerce Platform built for these types of requirements. Each installation of IgnitionWeb is tailored to your business requirements and integrated with your internal systems to ensure the most robust, scalable, profitable e-commerce experience possible. With an IgnitionWeb backed solution, your business can reap the rewards of e-commerce - including automated processes, reduced costs of serving customers and expanded distribution.

A great B2C e-commerce experience is defined by good usability, adherence to web standards and comprehensive functionality. Owned by one of the biggest names in technology, the Magento E-Commerce Platform has established the bar for an exceptional B2C e-commerce experience. Open-source and broadly supported, Magento can be modified and extended to suit any e-commerce vision. Shoppers navigating a Magento-backed site will notice an intuitive, familiar, encouraging fluidity as they browse merchandise and add items to their cart. That's because Magento is used by more than 240,000 merchants worldwide, making it one of the most popular e-commerce management systems in the world. HTC has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to plan and implement your Magento solution. We'll define your business requirements and identify the extensions that fulfill them. Once your site has been planned, HTC can design and implement the application before training your team as Magento experts, ensuring your e-commerce success.

HTC is your e-commerce expert. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of the scale, complexity, or target market of your business, HTC has the right platform and the right people to help you sell online. To learn more about how e-commerce can benefit your business, contact Tom Kouri at (514) 739-2461 x201.

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