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HTC’s Parse-perfect Search Technology Proves that Search Sells!
HTC ProSearch Technology demonstrates HTC’s ability to develop industry-leading e-commerce technology and online business solutions for high-volume transactional web applications.

Relevance. Performance. Results.

Proving the value of strong search and seamless usability, HTC’s ProSearch Technology features reduce the time it takes to access sought content and navigate large product catalogues. Faster, more relevant results mean increased sales through an improved user experience.


Visitors to e-commerce applications powered by HTC ProSearch Technology can deftly navigate a broad array of products with an even broader set of attributes via the following powerful features:


Natural Language

Understands Industry Terms and Jargon
The intelligent search engine interprets queries that are not exact matches to existing data in order to display the results the user is looking for. For example, a query for an “8 ounce cup” will return results with “8OZ” and “CUP” included in their description.

Focused Filters

Defined Product Attributes for Refined Results 
Product attribute filters enable buyers to quickly and effortlessly narrow product listings into sub-sets that meet very specific needs. Each selected filter narrows the result set to get closer to the customer’s optimal needs. This convenient system allows for a speedy “Ten-second Drilldown” towards desired results, effectively reducing a mountain to a molehill.

Predictive Intelligence

The More You Search, the Smarter It Gets
The more the ProSearch Technology is used, the more intelligent it becomes. Real-world user searches become the foundation for predicting what other users will want to find, and the technology predicts the search request as the user is completing the search field. Another major advancement in user-experience improvements that will ultimately sell a lot more products!

Search Sells!

Great Search Sells Even More!!
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