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HTC’s Montreal SEO clients, like all companies, are in the business of reaching objectives and making profits. For those with defined web strategies, driving traffic to their web properties and optimizing conversion are essential. Many organizations, their IT teams and marketing executives don’t have a thorough understanding of search engine optimization beyond knowing that it helps to make their websites more accessible through search engines.

Google’s algorithms (Panda & Penguin), the growing inventory of metrics and webmaster tools available to businesses are confusing, daunting and difficult to interpret and prioritize. Only seasoned SEO experts can optimize websites based on reliable intelligence and a sound, strategic approach without compromising the website's usability. For these reasons, we have developed an effective SEO framework that has successfully helped our SEO clients across Canada and around the world to drive targeted traffic into their sales funnels while helping people to more easily locate the content, products, services and information they are looking for.

HTC SEO Project Framework

  1. Website Analytics & Projections

    Our SEO projects begin with essential analysis of key metrics such as page ranks, positions, levels of competition and related data. Using powerful webmaster tools, we analyze the data of our clients’ competition to discover opportunities for success within a competitive space. We then take inventories of market-specific keywords to lay the basis for subsequent steps, including the projection of traffic, cost of pay-per-click campaigns and more. 
  2. Client Website Audits & Code Optimization

    We benchmark our clients’ websites against SEO best practices and the weighted criteria used by Google to index websites. All website elements that can be manipulated, and that favourably affect a website’s SEO value, are optimized to deliver the best-possible results. 
  3. Information Architecture (IA)

    Since the structure of information and its organizational display heavily influence a website’s page rank, we participate in the content strategy that dictates how content will be served. Our initial analysis largely dictates how a website should be (re)structured, what sections it will include and what they will be named in order to secure the most SEO value possible. 
  4. Content Creation & Copyediting

    Our experienced, trained and talented copywriters engage in the editing, writing and re-writing of web content for our clients. They ensure that copy is laden with keywords, displayed optimally and coded correctly to extract the most SEO value possible. 
  5. Ongoing Monitoring & Adjustments

    Based on the frequency of SEO-related fluctuations, the competitive environment and client budgetary constraints, we monitor the analytics of our client websites, baskets of keywords and competitive action. Should there be a need for adjustment, we will communicate the nature and scope of all changes to our clients prior to implementation. Doing so ensures the best-possible performance out of our clients’ websites and the optimal chance for conversion.

HTC SEO Program

For most of our SEO clients with existing web properties, we recommend a two-phased SEO update program in which site set-up is optimized for search, and keyword analysis drives ongoing SEO services.

  1. Necessary Updates: Code Optimization, Keyword Analysis, FAQ’s & XML Site Map

    The first phase of the program would ensure that all code is in line with the latest SEO best practices and is W3C compliant. Since Google’s search patents were made public, SEO experts are in a prime position to deliver their clients a truly-optimized web property. Those that are first to implement such changes stand to benefit the most from first-mover advantages and top-of-mind brand awareness.

    Creating an FAQ page is a relatively easy and extremely effective way to infuse a website with keywords chosen for SEO and competitive value. Based on initial keyword analysis, HTC recommends the writing of questions and answers that target specific keywords. An initial batch of questions and answers is recommended to provide adequate coverage for specific keywords within the competitive environment. Such an initiative could produce sizable improvements in page position and traffic.

    When businesses and websites are targeted to specific geographical areas, XML site maps submitted to Google via their Search Console become even more valuable. Registered XML site maps improve websites’ page ranks for geolocated searches in any given location and its surrounding areas.

  2. Ongoing SEO Services

    Based on the strength of initial analysis, SEO experts can monitor specific terminology and searcher behaviour within a tightly-defined market. Given the variable nature of web traffic, subtle yet effective updates can be implemented to generate the most visitors possible to a specific website over a given period. 

    HTC suggests bi-weekly monitoring and content adjustments for optimal search engine performance over the duration of the program. Key metrics will be tracked and communicated with the client throughout.

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