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User-generated content is what drives the modern web, and it has empowered everyday citizens to speak out with a relevant and supremely powerful voice in the marketplace.

Search Engine OptimizationWe offer Industry-leading Social Media Marketing services which include:


  • Social Media Audit
    A Social Media audit measures a company's online social engagement (footprint) and brand equity in the social sphere. An evaluation of existing social initiatives and a comprehensive competitive analysis and detailed online brand perception report is provided.


  • Analytics Integration, Brand Monitoring and Reporting
    With the web now being "Social"; we have begun to factor in psychographic data into our overall marketing analysis.


  • Social Media Management Services: Daily Monitoring and Weekly Statistical Overview
    Continual Social Media campaign monitoring gauges the day-to-day ebb and flow of organic traffic patterns and suggests on-the-fly improvements.

    Statistical reports on:

    • Engagement, sentiment and reach for all of your social media accounts
    • Rolling monthly averages to get a crystal clear understanding of how an organization's social media efforts are affecting its bottom line
    • Social traffic and conversion with Google Analytics
    • Blogs (WordPress, Blogger) and micro-blogs (Twitter) activity
    • Forums, user comments, press and news coverage, link sharing, Facebook activity


  • Social Media Employee Training and Policy Development
    Social Media is the darling of the web right now; everyone talks about it, and it seems as though every site now uses some form of social outreach to enhance their brand presence. On-site Social Media Training and Policy Development will help clarify what all of this means to brand equity and your organization's current marketing initiatives.

    Policy development and social media training will answer questions such as:

    • What are the effects of social media on the overall brand?
    • Who in your company is actively engaged in social media?
    • What resources should you devote to social media?
    • How are employees using social media to discuss your organization?
    • What is the level of responsibility and accountability for employees who use your company's name in their social posts?
    • What company material and content can employees post to their social circles?


  • Social Media Asset Development
    Social Media Asset Development determines what company content and marketing assets should be used in your social media efforts. Any existing, relevant company content is identified and matched to appropriate social channels. New content development geared specifically toward social media channels will also be assessed, developed, and implemented as needed.


  • Brand Management
    Not every organization can devote internal resources to their social media efforts, nor do they necessarily have the expertise to hire and effectively manage this new undertaking. Turn-key Brand Management services allow a business to continue to focus on its core strengths, while we manage its Social Marketing campaign; everything from project development to complete Social Media Management and channel optimization.


  • Viral Marketing
    Viral marketing is an industry term that refers to techniques which use pre-existing social networks to achieve marketing objectives. Through the person-to-person dissemination of high value content analogous to the spread of virus; viral marketing can exponentially improve a website's online visibility.

    Viral marketing initiatives include:

    • Sweepstakes, contests, incentives, and loyalty programs
    • Promotions and e-coupons
    • Short video clips
    • Social Media enhanced components (share, like, tweet, etc.)
    • eBooks, software, images and text


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