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In HTC's 28 years of operation, the modern business landscape has fundamentally changed with new ways to reach and retain customers, promote products and services, and transact online. With consumer behaviour dramatically shifting with changing demographics, and marketing budgets increasingly being allocated to web initiatives, it is essential to be equipped with the knowledge and tools required for success in a Web 2.0 world.  Having participated in its evolution from the very beginning, and in line with our commitment to the delivery of value to our customers, we have developed the HTC Insight Series in which we discuss key information that could yield significant benefits for your business.

What the Consumer Protection Act Means to You Knowing consumer rights and the obligations of merchants transacting online drives better business practices and stringent adherence to applicable laws. The consequence is the improvement of customer experiences and loyalty to compliant vendors. The Consumer Protection Act and the Office de la Protection du Consommateur are of great value to both consumers and merchants by balancing the power of buyers and suppliers for the greater good.
Success in Social Media Starts with a Plan Just because the competition and market leaders seem entrenched in social media activity does not mean that it is sufficient for you to set-up a Facebook profile or Twitter feed. To strengthen relationships with clients and your community and to move towards a strategic goal, in-depth research, careful preparation, proper execution and constant measurement are essential to becoming successfully social.
Why Web Analytics Should be Important to You If you're going to get the most out of Web analytics, you need to know how to use them. Understanding the basics in Web analytics will insure that you know what you're measuring and how to assess it.
Top 10 SEO Tips to Improve Your Online Strategy Here are 10 great ways to get the most out of your website, copy and social media tools to promote your company and brands on the Web.
Negotiating Your Online Payment Processing Rate For e-commerce merchants, securing the optimal payment processing rate is essential to keeping variable costs down and protecting margins. Depending on your Merchant Service Provider (MSP), you may be subject to ambiguous fees, rates, terms and conditions. This insight clarifies the considerations of which you should be aware to save money and be more profitable.
Put Your Sales on Rails with Web Analytics Remaining competitive in today's online marketplace is contingent on how well web data is mined and how the resulting information is used for important managerial decisions. Statistically-driven strategic insights empower managers to improve their businesses with successful strategies that leverage strengths to capitalize on uncovered opportunities while mitigating risk.
Maximizing Your Marketing Dollars in a Recession Over the past year, we've been fielding many calls from clients who are interested in enhancing existing Web strategies and developing new measures to maximize the return on their marketing investments. So HTC decided to pool together some tips, suggestions and advice based on experience with recent projects to get some cost-effective ideas out there.
The QR Code: A Powerful Engagement Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal The fundamental methods of information consumption are changing. With QR codes, marketers can provide a direct link between a consumer's mobile phone and their marketing message in real-time. In this insight, we discuss QR codes' rise to ubiquity, their purpose, and their benefits with some insightful statistics. We also illustrate how they may be used with three real-world success stories.
How Social Media Affects Your Business The Internet has gone social and the rules of engagement have changed. Gone are the days where corporations solely count on traditional marketing efforts to achieve their objectives. Modern, web-savvy companies understand that they need to participate in the conversation surrounding their brands. In this insight we explain the concept of web 2.0 and propose a 5-step process towards the creation of value in the social arena.
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