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We are pleased to announce our new leadership team! Please join us in welcoming Kevin & Ali in their new roles, as they continue to lead High-Touch Communications to greater heights. Together, we will undoubtedly accomplish remarkable feats under their guidance.

Tom Kouri, Founder & President

With a remarkable journey spanning over four decades since its inception in 1982, Tom's ingenuity and boundless creativity have shaped the advertising landscape, leaving an indelible mark through prominent and influential campaigns. A true pioneer of the web since the early days of the internet, he has always been at the forefront of technology and industry trends, ensuring HTC, and our clients, remain ahead of the game.

Kevin Miller, Vice-President, Operations

Kevin's journey at HTC began in 2015 as an Account Manager. Over the past seven years, Kevin has continuously demonstrated exceptional leadership, unparalleled client support, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His innovative ideas, strategic mindset, and meticulous attention to detail have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in driving our success and growth. Kevin has consistently challenged the status quo to implement groundbreaking solutions that optimize efficiency and elevate our clients’ successes.

Ali Kouri, Creative Director

Since starting at HTC as a guest blog writer in 2013, Ali has fostered a creative ecosystem where ideas flourish, and innovation is celebrated. Her innate ability to infuse emotion and meaning into her work across platforms has forged authentic connections with audiences, propelling our clients’ brands to new heights. Ali's creativity knows no bounds, and her innovative campaigns and strategies have consistently set new benchmarks for excellence in our industry.

President’s Message

When I founded HTC, my vision was to build a lean marketing and design firm that cuts through the clutter with breakthrough ideas and elegant, enduring designs. I looked forward to many years of innovative campaigns and branding initiatives, but little did I know how far we would come or how big our ideas would get.

In the mid-90s we quickly embraced the potential of the Web as a marketing tool. I remember how exciting it was to discover a new canvas to paint on, this new channel to explore. Luckily, our clients came on board too, and together we developed ground-breaking online strategies. Our pioneering spirit helped us launch one of Canada's very first e-Commerce sites for Reader’s Digest. Our strong roots in design and our commitment to new media have helped us deliver effective, usability-enhanced Web solutions ever since.

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By 2000, it became clear to me that our clients needed more from their websites. Giving them control over their own content and online marketing efforts became a priority at HTC, and our solution was to develop IgnitionWeb. This Internet marketing platform has grown with our clients’ needs to become an incredibly powerful Content Management System, publishing tool, and e-Commerce solution. Our clients can inform, promote, and transact online with this user-friendly and robust software suite.

Our success building IgnitionWeb, with its three final nominations in the Canadian e-Business Leadership awards, proved our ability to create cutting-edge Web-based software. So, when we encountered the limitations of the time tracking applications available on the market, we decided to build our own. We launched HourGlass, the easy-to-use time tracking and project management software, in 2001. We’ve used it ourselves ever since, and we made it available to the public in 2006 as one of the world's first SaaS applications.

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Looking back over the years, I am proud that we have used every challenge as an opportunity to innovate through our work. But my greatest sense of achievement comes from the ties that we have built with our clients over the years. We are dedicated to taking care of every detail, providing swift and effective support, and exceeding their expectations. I am thankful that our efforts have been rewarded with such longstanding and dynamic business relationships.

Having been fortunate to watch my company reach so far and achieve so much, I am committed to giving back to the community that has nurtured us through our years of hard work and perseverance. I am happy to support Youth Employment Services (YES Montreal) as an ambassador, and the Cedars Cancer Foundation as a fundraiser, as well as other non-profits in Montreal, Canada.

I look forward to HTC’s years ahead and to new projects, new ideas and new friendships.

Tom Kouri
High-Touch Communications Inc., Proud Makers of IgnitionWeb and HourGlass.